we don't slow down in this country.
we don't enjoy simple joys of the day, nor do we connect to the Creator of the day.
we stay busy and stopping to look at a pretty tree
or notice the way the light glints on the edge of a cloud over noon day is a passing fancy.
we have forgotten that God is more than someone to believe in, for even the devil does that.
He is more than someone pointing a finger, someone in a 'boring' song, someone 'religious' people talk about.
He is more than someone at church. More than baby Jesus in the manager.
More than someone to ask for help. More than a man who died.

He is the Lord Almighty, the risen King.
He is the God waiting for you to give Him what is His, your heart.
He is the voice calling you back to pure life and love
for in Him is full life, fuller than anything this world could offer.

He is in beauty all around, and He is asking for us to notice, to notice Him.
He deserves our constant prayers and our adoration.
we forget to listen to His Spirit. we forget that everything moves, lives, and breathes through Him.
There is no thing apart from Him or beside Him.
And He loves us.
Who are we that He would be mindful of us? Who are we that such a God would love us?
Jesus is it, and He has done it.

we can be sound when everything around us is 'relevant'
we can have joy, hope, peace, love, purity, when our circumstances are not so.
we can have security in our destiny,
all things are possible, when we are with Him.
when we are with Him.

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