who I am.

This semester has definitely been the most demanding, busy, and stressful one I have ever had. It is crunch time in my major, the semester in which everything I have learned the past 3.5 years comes together. I will be taking my licensure exam to be a licensed social worker before December as well. With so many hours a day thinking and doing social work, and trying to be the best that I can, it is easy to forget about what really matters. When so much of my time and money and efforts are being put towards succeeding in my internship and senior seminar it is easy to let that overwhelm me. It becomes easy to think of myself only as a 'social worker.'

I am also leading a small group this fall and it is easy to think about how I can be a better small group leader and a lady filled with the knowledge of the Lord.

I try to be a better friend, a better wife, a better student, a better daughter, a better sister, a better intern, a better artist, a better ..... you get the picture. It is tiring to always be striving to be "better" than I am now.

My sister Kari kindly encouraged me at the beginning of this school year that my identity comes from Christ, not how well I perform at work, school, small group, etc. Who I am is defined by God, and I am a co-heir and co-laborer with Jesus. I am my Father's daughter. I am a dwelling place of the Holy Spirit.

I am not what this world says I am, for it will pass away, for it did not create me, for it did not save me, for it did not cleanse me. Jesus did. And I am what He says I am. I am loved by him and I am to give Him my love back.

That is what matters, not how much my supervisors like me, or how good of an evaluation I get from my professors, or how many girls come to small group, or how many people buy my art work. How relieving to know that the one opinion that matters most of all, is always positive. He always loves me and never belittles me or makes me feel guilty. He inspires me to be better. I don't feel like I HAVE to but I WANT to because His love inspires. He takes me as I am, right now.

How wide, how deep, how great is His love for me.

(My friend Joanna shared this article with me today on finding your identity in Christ - check it out)


  1. Such a great reminder and a lesson our dear Jesus has been teaching me as well. How freeing that our identity is found in Him!

  2. Thanks for posting this danae! i really needed to read it :)


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