It's been one of those weeks, more struggles than victories, and more selfishness than selflessness.

I'm learning that I am a prideful person and admitting I'm wrong is hard for me.

I've learned that often times, I'm wrong and I need to say that. This week I was wrong a lot.
I've seen how hard that is for me to do, and how much that can hurt a relationship by it's delay.

I'm learning to let my husband lead.
I'm learning to die to myself, and death hurts.  But new life is worth it.

Beauty comes from ashes, and joy comes in the morning.
I'm learning to humble myself and let myself be vulnerable.
There is no other way. There is no room for pride. Only love.

oh, to be a work in progress, I pray that I would always stay open to Jesus' molding, open to His voice that compels a heart to change.

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