Unglued Christmas Market

For those of you in the Fargo / Moorhead area::

Unglued Christmas Market is opening on Black Friday at 68 Broadway!

I was there this week dropping off some of my items to sell at this pop-up shop and it is amazing!
It has handmade gifts from around 70 different artists in the Midwest region and is open from Black Friday to Christmas Eve.

Here are the items I will be having there, come support local artists and buy handmade this season!!

I took my Social Work Licensure Exam and passed! 
I'm so excited and thankful to be all done and in good standing! I am just a grad ceremony and diploma away from having letters after my name (LSW- Licensed Social Worker)!


  1. all of your handmade work is so lovely! Will you be posting any of your latest work in your etsy shop?

  2. I just went to Unglued because my brother has some items there, and I saw your headbands! They are beautiful!


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