Last night was Seniors Night at Chi Alpha. All the graduating seniors shared their stories from college and experience with chi alpha. I was one of them. Here is the little snippet I was blessed to share to a group that has blessed me so much during my college years ...

I was first invited to chi alpha 4 years ago by a guy named Michael. I said no. I was planning on leaving the next year for Northwestern in St. Paul and I did that. About a year later, while I was in the cities, I was invited to chi alpha again by the same Michael. I said yes that time. We had gone on a date the week before and I kind of liked him, so I came along.

I was blessed to grow up in a family that loved Jesus and pointed me to him as I grew up. Coming to college, chi alpha sort of took up that mantle and was a home away from home. I saw here that a relationship with Jesus is powerful, real, deep, and personal.

Chi alpha was a community of people that I saw as real. I saw people here worship God and serve him not just at church but in every part of their lives, in classrooms and hallways, and in their relationships with others. It was a place to belong. I made friends who prayed with me and helped me through some of the darkest times and some of the happiest ones. I felt I could be real and genuine here.

It's hard to sum up 3 years, but I think the biggest thing I've learned during my college years and through chi alpha is that intimacy with Jesus is possible, and not only possible, but that He wants that with us. He wants to know us and have a deep relationship with us.

I spent my fair share of years allowing sin and the devil to have a hold on my heart when Jesus should have, I can tell you that all it leaves you with is brokenness. I can also tell you that God can heal anything, there is no past too dark or sinful. Jesus forgives it all. These past three years have held a lot of healing, and God wants that for you too.

It is possible to know God, but He doesn't want just half of you. He is a jealous God and He asks for it all. It is hard and uncomfortable, but it is worth it. There is no better decision you'll ever make.

Chi Alpha DID make a huge difference in my life during my years of school. If you're in college I'd so so so encourage you to get involved in an on-campus ministry and get into a small group bible study. It'll change your life.

If you're not in school (or if you are for that matter) I'd encourage you to find a church that loves Jesus and challenges you and get plugged in - it's amazing, really.

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