little bits of Christmas....

our little breakfast
a warm fire with good people

Michael gave me a new bible, with my new last name engraved on it. A significant present because my old bible was given to me by my dad at my confirmation in 2005. It felt like a good time to start reading, studying, and marking up a fresh copy of God's word.

As I was paging through the clean pages, I thought of how blessed I am to be able to have so many copies of God's word in my possession, and how lightly I take it. There are people in other countries who would be killed for being caught with a copy of the Bible, or for praying, or going to church, or speaking about Jesus. God's word is precious and to be cherished above all, I pray that it would become more so to me in the days and years to come.


  1. i love engraved bibles. so pretty and classic. happy new year to you! <3

  2. Thank you for the reminder of how precious HIs word is to us; how blessed we are to have it so freely. It's also a reminder to pray for all those who are lost and haven't heard Jesus' name.



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