Removing my wisdom teeth went well, it was the first time I'd ever been to a hospital for myself and had been given anesthesia. I left the hospital with some icky feelings in my stomach and a lot of nausea.

I was in bed literally all day, sleeping, resting, listening, watching, and drinking lots of juice. This morning produced a better feeling and I'm hoping I'll be back to my normal self soon.

I'm getting so excited for Christmas! We still have some presents to get and I'm hoping for some snow to come and make it actually feel like the holidays. It's been an odd winter for Fargo, that's for sure.

Michael and I have been dreaming of the future and what it holds...jobs, travels, new living places, who knows what could happen next summer, the world awaits. We could stay in ND and get jobs, we could move to another state and work, we could save and travel the world, we could be short term missionaries, we could road trip around the U.S., we could save for a house, we could .... we could...isn't it fun to dream?

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  1. on ward and forward... I like the George Orr quote to the left. who is he?


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