So folks...

--Tomorrow is my last day as an intern. It is sad and happy. I learned A LOT and was able to see and experience things a lot of people don't. I feel blessed and tired and thankful.

--It's a month of goodbyes and farewells to old things. Next month will hold some hellos as I step into the world as an 'adult' and a 'professional' adoption worker.

--I've got some butterflies, but then again, butterflies only come from breaking out of a coccoon.

-- Michael is student teaching in the spring, and I'll be working through April. Afterwards we're as free as birds and totally clueless to what happens next. Like many things, it is both scary and exciting.

--The ground is still bare here and it's incredibly odd seeing Christmas lights and trees with no snow, ice, and frost yet. I have to admit that while I dislike the long and freezing winters of Fargo, I do enjoy a white Christmas, and those first few snowfalls are pretty magical.

--These photos are making me want snow (yes, it's true) ......

coming up:
::a Christmas party tomorrow night
::hearing my mom speak about her life story and experience with adopting my brothers at a Christmas Tea this week
::Updating my etsy shop (it's been forever!)

P.S. Listen to our friend Joel's new LP, it's very beautiful.


  1. These photos are so beautiful!

  2. congratulations!!! What an exciting time for you!

    and i've been drooling over those pictures ever since Barbara posted them on her blog. Gorgeous.


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