Sorry for the long abscense.

A rough few days/weeks. Finishing up my last week of internship with next Tuesday being my final day.
Pondering over the fact my last day of class ever is this Friday.

Wishing I wasn't sick, waking up with a sore throat/stuff nose every morning the last week has been dumb.

Got word my items at the Unglued Christmas shop have been selling well and they have asked me to re-stock. Can't wait for a month of 'break' to make stufffff. If you haven't yet, check out this shop here (there will also be a fair in Febuary, like last year, and I'll have a booth again).


  1. I'm so glad your items are selling well! That must be encouraging=)

    Praying for you lovely. It's been so good to read as you've processed through this final semester. Love you.

  2. ooh, love those bangs! You look wonderful. Enjoy your month of rest and crafting. xoxo

  3. Your hair is getting so long! Beautiful!


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