A Saturday at home after seeing my sister Sophie perform in a one-act play. I love home and family.

We have a lot of friends getting married this coming year, and one having a baby. Oh, change. I think about our life and wonder what our changes will be, after May we still have no 'plans' in place.

  We're pulled between full-time work, using our degrees, and having the ability to buy a house, and then the young and free thought of moving somewhere far-off and experiencing things totally new. We could travel overseas, or do some sort of mission work. We could move to another state and experience a new city. We could live here where we are close to family and friends we love, possibly buy a house (an exciting thought too!), and I could look for a social work job, using all that schooling and license I worked for the past four years.

A friend recently reminded me that we can serve God wherever we are, but it is important to evaluate why we want to go there in the first place, our motivations.

I'm excited and scared.
I'm scared of the possibility of leaving this place, with all the friends that we love and church we have grown in. I'm scared to leave my family, my sisters and brothers. I'm scared of missing Friday coffees with Kari, Sundays at home, watching Sophie and Britta excel in their interests, hugs from my little brothers, and talks with my parents.
I'm scared of leaving this community I love and city that, despite the desolate land/weather, is full of people with passionate, kind, and generous hearts.

 I'm excited for the unknown things that may come, whether that be far away, or close by. I'm excited for the day we will get to buy a home, whether that is soon or farther off. I'm excited for the chance to make new friends, visit new places, learn about a new culture, whether that be next year or 10 years later. I'm excited to have little ones to call our own one day.

It is good to know God understands my fears and excitements, He knows our inmost thoughts, and He has good things in store for us. It is good to trust in His promises.


  1. Excited to see what God has in store for your future. Isn't it comforting to know that He already has the plans? And that they are going to be for good? Looking forward to see where He takes you!

    Bennett Love

  2. I am excited for you guys! Whatever the future path brings it will be an adventure c:


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