love. part 1

Furious Love Official Trailer from Wanderlust Productions on Vimeo.

Michael and I watched this documentary, Furious Love, recently with some friends of ours. It is so good.

Over the next little bit I'm going to be posting about love. I love love.

Jesus loves us furiously. It can break through the darkest places of sin and restore people's lives. No matter what a person has done, or is doing, God created them for a love relationship with Him, and He wants them back, just as much as He wants you.

He loves the prostitutes, drunks, addicts, abusers, and murders, as much as He loves the squeaky clean exterior of a regular church-goer and charity-doer. That is deep love, it looks at the heart. No matter what our actions are, He is waiting for us, seeking us. He furiously pursues us.

It is not the church's job to change people, the lost, the 'sinful' (aren't we all?).... but to lead them to Jesus' heart, love them with His love poured out. When people have encounters with the living God's vast affection, they are changed. His love changes people. It takes away old desires, for things of this world, for sin. It purifies us... His love does it, not human words, or rules, or pressures... just Jesus.

He is calling us to come back to His love. He IS love.


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