rings are one of my favorite accessories! my favorite one, of course, is my wedding ring, the one I will wear every day until I die, given to me by my favorite human on the best day ever : )

We found my wedding ring at a pawn shop (different, I know). Before we had gone to look at rings, I had shopped around online and found this website. I loved these antique style rings from the 1930's but was skeptical we'd be able to find one in person...our first shopping trip proved me wrong and I found a ring I loved (and the next day, he went back and bought it).

Below are some of my other favorites, the gray round ring is made of concrete and is a new purchase I acquired at Unglued, the square blue ring was a gift on our 1 year anniversary , and the pink oval ring was my great aunt's.


  1. your rings are gorgeous, especially the blue one! I also love love love rings and wear the same 5 all day every day

  2. Oh my, the blue ring you have is spectacular!
    Thanks for posting that site with the antique wedding/engagement rings! My fiance got me a vintage engagement ring, and now we're on the hunt for wedding rings. The ones on that site are beautiful!



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