A beautiful little video my friend Camila shared online.

Life is indeed such a gift, and one day we may not have the one we love best next to us, treasure each moment, love with all you have.

This inspired me to hug Michael a little closer, and resolve to be present in love when I am with my brothers, sisters, mom, and dad.  I hope it touches you too.

Between Days from Nizar Pasalic on Vimeo.

Also - sorry for being so absent from this little internet corner, life has been pretty busy lately. My last day of work is April 20th so I am scrambling to get everything tidied up before I leave. I still have absolutely no idea what I am doing afterwards. God knows though, right?  There are some different options I'm looking into but everything is still up in the air. Uff da.

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  1. Touched me deeply. Found myself crying. Really emphasizes what's important.


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