More instagrams from of late - pretty much my only documentation method this month.

Got to spend today at home with my family, we celebrated by brother Ian's 6th birthday.
My dad also made an announcement this morning to church that he is going to be candidating at Bethel church in Fergus Falls for the associate pastor position. Meaning my family will likely be leaving Barnesville for Fergus Falls this summer. So it was hard, and there were tears (some were my own).

While I don't live at home any longer, I will be sad to see my family leave the home and church that I grew up in (was confirmed in, graduated in, married in..). I'm excited for my dad though, this position is a great fit for his vision. And it's only a half an hour farther away, so we can still visit :) Fergus has an awesome community of people, full of families who have adopted (awesome for my brothers to grow up in), and the house my parents are looking at is over 100 years old. Awesome.

Last week of work, crazy full of things to do,  still no job for next week. Any leads, let me know : )

 Michael and his sister Nicole exploring
 Vintage shopping @ Rewind in the Twin Cities
 Lunch date at our favorite, Loring Pasta Bar
 Our love when it was young, circa 2009
 An almost daily stopping place
 So excited when  this case via Society 6 finally came in the mail (it fits very well and is good quality - I recommend them if you're in the market - hundreds of amazing designs too)
 Love this season
 my most favorite fruit and snack in the whole world I think
 April Showers
 Coffee/Vintage Boots/Pink Flower Buds
 Girl date with Camila @ Nicole's Fine Pastry in Fargo (a favorite spot)
 reflections downtown Fargo
 While out running errands with clients Michael left these on the doorsteps for me to find when I got back (he is truly the best).
 snack time
 still love looking at my rings after almost 2 years of wearing them every day!
 sisters and brothers (full heart)
 mini heidi braids
 latest handmade by me
 knitting year-round
 birdcage reader
 little brother's birthday cake
 my sister (isn't she cool?)
 window sill (so glad I'm getting to use those little bottles again)
downtown Fargo


  1. youre a fabulous instagrammer!!!!! <3 <3

  2. Love your heidi braids! Cute shot!

  3. (i couldn't even tell you how i stumbled across your blog in the blogosphere.)

    but let me tell you-- it's a small, small world.

    first and foremost, your blog is incredible. i not only love the name of it, but the aesthetic you've created with the filter on your photos to your banner to your shop. i love it!

    second! bethel... lbc? in fergus? (if both those are true, it'd be crazy that i some how stumbled across this blog -- of all blogs! i know there are a million churches named bethel-- as is the church i grew up in on long island-- but if the one you're talking about in this post is the bethel in fergus, all i can say is that the LB is an even smaller and interwoven denomination than i thought. i know TONS of people out at that church and who graduated from HLA in fergus and who went to bethel university. crazy!) -- if it is not bethel lbc in fergus, please disregard second point :)

    thirdly, all around, i'm glad to have stumbled across your blog. it's so refreshing to be able to see into the hearts and lives of Godly women around the country.


  4. Wait, Ferguson Falls Mn? If so, I'm in SE MN!!


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