new phones!

So.... last weekend Michael and I got iPhones! We are on a family plan with another married couple, it is actually cheaper for us to split a data plan 2 ways then for us to get a 'normal' plan on our own. It's been fun but as Michael and I have talked about... it is all too easy to go into 'phone coma' and check out from the world, we have agreed to keep each other none-phone-crazy and stay checked in with reality. Gotta keep those priorities straight, aka material items are worthless and useless in light of eternity.

With that being said, the phone can do some pretty neat things :)

This phone has so many really fun features and it has been fun learning how to use them all! We especially like the calender and list capabilities we have with iCloud and syncing to each others phones (we share a shopping list and certain events). No more paper lists and forgetting to write things down, now we can just add an item to the list on our phones when we think of it, or put an event in the calender and color code it so we both know if just one of us is going or both etc.and it will just show up on both our phones ... now this might seem basic to you tech savy folk but to us this is pretty revolutionary stuff.

The photo and video abilities are also pretty cool too - high quality and tons of neat apps to edit with. Its also pretty nice having a GPS built in to your phone and the ability to have a map locate you instantly and get you directions.If any of you have favorite apps you should tell me about them!
The above photos are via my instagram (follow me @ danaemoran): 1. lace/mustard outfit 2. our window sill 3. balloon release and adoption finalization day 4. Jesus time at Starbucks 5. homemade pizza with friends 6. my little brother dying eggs 7. our mug wall 8. weekend's here! 9. getting an item ready to ship 

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  1. I can *so* relate to you on this post! Hubby & I just got our iPhones at the end of March. We upgraded from ancient flip phones, never texted, didn't take photos... So it was a MAJOR change for us, lol. Which Is why I am with ya on the whole "phone coma" thing. I constantly need to remind myself to set my mind on the things that are above. With all these fun new technologies, heaven recedes into the background and I have to be careful! With that said, I really enjoy your IG feed and your blog as well. Thanks for the encouragement! (fernflorafauna)


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