Michael, coffee, spring.

These  are some of my favorite things.. coffee, spring, and Michael. I LOVE them all. And spring was beautiful this year, just beautiful. And coffee always tastes good. And Michael is just simply the best thing in my life.

So I have been VERY absent around these parts, and I'm ok with that. It is good to take a break, and no one seems to miss me much (and don't leave comments saying you did...you didn't). It's ok. No hard feelings internet world.

I am still working doing adoption work for kids in foster care. Its been sort of an ongoing up and down saga of a situation, but I'm still a temporary worker, but it is work and I'm thankful for it and my experiences here and with so many great kids and families.

It has been quite the spring, and our fall is so up in the air, we have our summer planned, but new opportunities keep coming up at every turn it seems like. We are praying for God's leading and direction as we make choices of where to go with our lives. We really are okay with anything, we could stay here or go anywhere. We just want what God wants, and would like Him to tell us what that is :)

The unknown is exciting and we get to face it together. We continue to learn more about each other and grow. I continue to struggle with self discipline and lies the devil throws at me. Michael continues to encourage and be faithful.

And life is good.

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  1. always love your posts, danae. you inspire me to live simpler, love deeper, and laugh more. :)


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