this image just gets me (click it for link). 
probably because at the end of a long, hard, day separated we often will climb in bed and do just this. push our foreheads together and close our eyes. 

and we are together for a moment, even if it is only 5. 
and the world seems a little more manageable.


summer is upon us and it is the season of firsts: sunburned shoulders and noses, picnics in the park, frozen yogurt on the patio, and evening bike rides. I want it to be a summer of good habits. Most of all I want to reflect more on how good God is to me and to Michael.
He has been faithful.
He has given us the ability to work, and the blessing of good jobs (despite how much I might complain - they are very good). He has given us a great (location, price, feel) apartment to have these first 2 years of marriage. He has given us good health and soundness. He has taught us to forgive each other, to laugh together, to tell each other the truth, to work together, to rest together. He has blessed our families and we have parents who still love each other (a rarity in this age). He has shown us that though our future is so unknown to us, it is not to Him. He knows our days, He knows our hearts desires, and He has good things in store for us. He is more trustworthy than ever, because I know Him more, not because He has changed. He never does that, not like the shifting shadows. He is our High Priest, our Rock, our Cornerstone, our First Love, our Provider, our Healer, our Savior, our Best Friend, and our Counselor. And He is Love.


  1. "He is more trustworthy than ever, because I know Him more, not because He has changed." Love this. So thankful for our constant, faithful God.

  2. Amen. Love your words, Danae! :)


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