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I have something for you all to read! It is an article written by the director of AASK, the adoption agency I work for in ND.

Find it HERE.

Here are excerpts that particularly speak to the issue at hand, and something that it near to my heart, family, and something I do every day. Take the time to send a letter or email to the legislators in the state if this speaks to you as well.

"If things remain unchanged, it is projected that 63 children will not be able to be adopted in the next biennium.  These children will stay in foster care longer while they wait for the adoption program to be able to work with them and connect them to their permanent family."

"Families will continue to wait for up to a year to be able to begin the adoption assessment process.  They will likely get discouraged and drop out of the process, decreasing the number of good homes that are needed for the waiting children in our foster care system.  The program has already seen at least 8 families in the last six months that have gotten discouraged and have withdrawn from the process.  These families had been an approved adoptive resource, we may never know the number of families that get discouraged earlier in the process because of the program’s limited ability to respond."

"As one can imagine, the reduction in staff and ongoing budget challenges has impacted the overall number of children and families that can be served.  This is evident with the number of children and families waiting to be served.   An example of such a struggle came to light a few months ago.  I spoke with a family eager to add to their family through adoption and they had completed the training and paperwork, but they have been waiting over 8 months and they still have not been able to have an adoption worker assigned.  It doesn’t feel good for anyone involved. "  

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