A vomit of Instagrams for your eyes ...  lots of weddings and just darn good fun times. I am loving summer and all that is happening lately.

--My employment was extended until Aug 1 with the hopes of staying on permanently at that time. I would love to be at 30 hours a week. For now we are thankful to both be able to work at good jobs and be in a great community of people.

--My sister is currently in Uganda working with my aunt and uncle at Village of Hope doing awesome work. I am missing her.

--My family is moving to Fergus Falls, a town about 30 minutes away from where they are now. It was my dad's last sunday at church preaching and it was hard. I cried. He cried. We reminisced a bit and smiled at all the memories we have in that church and home. I helped pack up our house. It all fits into two moving truck loads. Yeah, two.

It will be hard to leave, but we know that He is faithful in all things, and He is faithful through big changes.

-- I am incredibly thankful for friends this month. We are surrounded by people who love us and love Jesus deeply. We have crazy, fun people who love life and each other and the Lord. And as the Psalms say, it truly is good and pleasant when His people dwell together in unity. I am thankful for a good church (Fargo First Assembly) and college ministry (Chi Alpha) that has cultivated a community of Christians that really is unlike one I have ever been a part of. I'm thankful.

 The above are misc. summer captures...mostly self explanatory. Lots of fun time with friends, coffee, flowers, brothers, and picnics.

 We took a day canoe trip - it was an adventure!

 Above two : Michael and Ian. 
Coffee at my one of my favorite spots in Fargo with one of my favorite people, Kari. Two days before she left for Uganda. 

 Wedding number one together for the month!

 Paul Bunyan and I being buds, the start of a road trip to Duluth for Taryn and Ben's wedding.

 The above are from a wedding I went to with my friend Julie. We road tripped to the North Shore to attend our friend Taryn's wedding to her fiance Ben (follow their blog, 10,000 miles, they are crazy adventurers!).
It was held in Gooseberry State Park on Lake Superior. I highly recommend seeing both in the future - it was a fun weekend!

 The above photos are all from our dear friend's Tom and Camila's grooms dinner (held at the Ecce Art Gallery) and wedding (ceremony at Salem church and reception at the Fargo Country Club) this month. It was an absolute blast getting to see them become one and spend the day celebrating with friends. They are spectacular together.

I have the sweetest barista friends :)

 The above were taken by my sister Britta, and I love these captures of us together.

 Taken during an evening walk around our neighborhood. Dusk time is a magical time of day. 

 A breakfast made by Michael, days off and slow mornings are the best. 

 The above photos are from the weekend of our friends' Kelly and Samantha's wedding. We got to be a bridesmaid and groomsmen and walk together :) And I was honored to make her hair piece!
Both of them have been influential in our lives and we were elated to see them get married!

 Taken out at our friend Joel's lake cabin after wedding shenanigans this past weekend. It was an absolute blast, we boated, swam, hot tubbed, roasted marshmallows, sang a lot, and ate a watermelon community style. We called it family time, and I dare say, it really was.

If you took the time to actually let all these load, congratulations!


  1. You have such a lovely spirit Danae! It's so beautiful how your husband loves on you :)

  2. Wonderful impressions! Especially the ones your sister Britta took of you and your husband!

  3. love all your words and instagrams, danae :)

  4. Such a great collection of photos! Love the one of the daisies in the sbux cup :) Life in community is so good! I'm glad you guys have that in the midst of all the changes.

  5. These pictures are so so beautiful. I adore the light.

    Oh, and funny story. I've been following Hannah Nicole's blog for a while, and just saw photos of Camila's wedding there! Which I thought was funny, because my sister took Camila's senior photos a few years ago, and I had no idea that Hannah knew her.
    And now I see that *you* know her too! :)


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