well folks, i was finally officially offered the job to stay on permanently as an AASK adoption worker. Starting July 1, so, today, I am a full time employee and then starting August 6, I will go to half time. I'm not sure exactly how many hours I will be at, but I'm excited. For the chance to keep working with children in need, and with families involved in their lives. It is good work, not easy, but good.

I think working less than full time will be a better balance for me. More time to be with those I love, more time to think, to read, to breathe, to make, to enjoy life. As my father in law says .. it's all about balance.


Right now we are reading Love After Marriage by Barry and Lori Byrne. It's good. Well, I have only read 2 chapters, Michael's read more. He's a reader. Now that we have hit the 2 year mark on our marriage, I am realizing more and more that love is work. It takes effort and work to stay in love, to love each other. And that is okay. It isn't all honeymoon and roses and kisses and sex all the time forever and ever. And that is okay. But staying in love and having an amazing marriage is worth all the work it takes, and it does take work. It takes work to connect spiritually, emotionally, and physically. But the rewards make it worth it, and the deeper you go, the better everything gets. I don't want to be content to just have a 'good' marriage, but I want to be unsatisfied with where we are; to be striving to love more, to know more, to serve more. And I'm thankful that God has promised us, everything is possible with Him. There is hope with Him for our relationship, and I know that there will be tough times to come, but with Him everything is possible. And it is good to rest in that. 

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