I finally developed a roll of film that had been sitting in my diana mini camera forever. Not many turned out, it's been a while since I've used film....but I liked these. Taken one morning when I biked down by the river not too far from our apartment and spent some time with the Lord.

Also -- I have some time off of work and I'm so excited. Michael and I are going to Duluth for the weekend and we found the best hotel :) I plan to buy a disposable to document the trip.

Lately life has been busy. There have been days that Michael and I literally haven't seen each other except when we have been asleep in bed. Sometimes I wish things were different and sometimes I don't. I am thankful for all that we have, and the provision of great jobs. We have a lot to be thankful for. We are healthy. We have all that we need and more.

Sometimes the way I was raised and my mindset regarding 'want' and 'need' becomes a judgmental attitude towards others. I say that we live 'frugally' and are smart with the way we spend our dollars, and it is so easy to look down on those who buy expensive things and pay high rent for the sake of living well. And yet I know that it is just as much a sin for me to look down on others as it is for them to not be wise/generous with their funds, if not more. I am hypocritical and this false sense of pride over our 'simplicity' or 'generosity' in living must go. I sit here typing this on a Mac laptop with my iPhone at my side, and Starbucks on the table. Reality check.

I'm thankful that my selfish and prideful attitudes about how 'good' we are living and doing the 'right' thing, can be corrected. I'm so glad that God isn't done working on me and that he promises to keep refining me. I know that God does want us to live simply and he asks us to give generously to others. I do strongly believe that this is a commandment and not an option, but there are so many commandments that I struggle to keep daily.

Oh, that He would give us more grace to keep His commandments. And we have great hope in His promises of help.


  1. Beautiful shots, I really love your green bike! Don't be so hypercritical with yourself, I think you're on the right way! Have a wonderful day!


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