River Day

I was happy to spend some time at home today with my family - we spent the afternoon tubing on the Ottertail river through Fergus Falls. It ended up being about 2 times as long as we thought, making my sister late to work, but it was still fun!

It is good to leave the phones behind, laugh with those you love the most, and feel God's creation.

The cool breeze, the sun creeping below the trees, the cattails swaying, the rough rocks, the schools of fish, the splashes and shrieks, the sun shining on red noses, the toes sliding through the water, the bubbles from the weeds, and the best people.

I am so blessed by my family and I love them more than I know how to say.

 I find the last 2 really funny - self timer woes. Combine the two and you get everyone (except Michael).

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