Rose and Crown's photos get me every time (all below are theirs). I miss film. If anyone wants to gift me a film camera and scanner, I won't refuse it.

I want to say thank you to those who still check in here every once in a while despite my extreme lack of posting. I have felt a shift in my blog life and am ok with it at this time. I used to post almost daily and have slowly let that change. My work has taken a lot of time and energy from me and I feel this is fitting, but it has made it so that some of my free time is now used in other ways. With only a few hours free in the evenings, there are other things that I have found I need to do more than blog. It is a journey and one day this may change and more frequent posts may come, but for now, I blog when I can and when I want to, not because I need to.

I am doing well and am so thankful for God's faithfulness through all seasons, and am amused at how he orchestrates the details of our lives in ways we would not imagine. I can't wait for the future and know there are good things to come. It has been a good summer, and as everyone says, it has flown by. This is the first fall I am not going back to school, and I am adjusting to life after college and what it means to be a professional. I am learning about being young in my field and how this affects my work and how others view me as well. I know how little I know, and yet the importance of being confidant in what I know I do, for the benefit of those I am working for.

Michael decided to accept a position as a part time teacher at Park Christian, the school he student taught at this past spring. He will be teaching World History and Evangelism classes as well as continuing to work at Starbucks part time (health insurance is awesome). I will be full time at my current job, and I am looking forward to having evenings and weekends free! I'm pretty sure it is the first time in our lives we will have had that schedule.

Hope all is well with you, readers.

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