weekend away

We spent a weekend away, together. It was good to take time away from the busy norms of life and have fun together in a beautiful place. We spent a few days in Duluth, MN and enjoyed the last few days of summer.

Picnics by Lake Superior, full moon over the water, fresh peaches, pit stops, windy roads, morning canoeing, sunsets, gravel roads, outdoor movie. We came home and said, 'that was good for our marriage.'

Disposable camera captures:


  1. The second to last photo, with the what seems to be a sunset, are the white dots just grain, they look starry! How did you capture that with a disposable camera if you don't mind sharing.

    1. It is just grain - nothin' special, just snapped away and that is how it turned out. Haha, sorry I don't have a fancier answer for you :)


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