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Because this is all that I really want to write about these days - adoption. justice. responsibility.

This could be due to the fact I've been spending the last two days talking about special needs adoption at my program's training ....

Anyways. So I know that I am passionate about this, not much else can get me as riled up and excited as talking about adoption, foster care, and our role as believers in caring for orphans.


God tells us who follow Him to leave our lifestyles of complacency, excess, comfort, sunday morning masks, and shiny new cars (you could pick this list apart, but you know what I mean). He wants us to enter into the mess of this world, the sin, the brokenness, the torn families, the prostitutes, the 'pharisees' (aren't we all?), all of it, all the dirty mess. And all it takes is a mirror to see that mess in our own hearts.

He came down to us while we were still sinners! Christ died for us. He didn't ask that we get cleaned up, become 'nicer', or stop misbehaving. He looked on us and saw us with his love eyes! They brimmed over and Christ was born, sent for all mankind. So that the veil of separation could be split and we could know God, see God, love Him!

So what should we be doing with our one life? How should we work, parent, love, give, serve, disagree, grieve, anger, joy? How should we react and what should we give our time to? God asks each of us something unique, as we each are in Him. But of one thing I am passionate, He asked all of us to care for the orphans! In fact, He commanded it, along with many other things.

He never commands things for our harm, no, He has good plans for our futures (note, this is very different then easy). So if he commands us to care for the orphans, it must mean not only good for the good of these little ones, but us too! Us as parents, brothers, sisters, neighbors, churches, communities, cities. When we model Christ's actions of justice, grace, sacrifice, love in our own families, we are blessed. Children are blessed.

So if Jesus came while we were messed up, how much more should we, His people, be going after the children, His children, while they are still 'messed up' (hurting, angry, fearful, misunderstood-aren't these the roots of all misbehavior anyways?)? We brim over with His love for us and reach to these little ones and ask for His fullness to spill into our homes, hearts. It will.

All kinds of adoption are beautiful, God-ordained, but I am proposing that we need families to take the hard love way. The way of rocks, mountains to scale, of behaviors that drive you crazy, of alphabet soup diagnosis, of attachment issues, of delays, of mental health needs, of pain, of grief.  If any little ones need our love, its these! The children who have been abused and neglected. These children have been given messages that they are not loveable, they are not worthy of belonging, they are not safe.

Their sense of loss is one most of us will never ever know, and cannot fathom. Their norm has been chaos, pain, hurt, fear, brokenness, sin. And we can do something. Not every family is able to adopt children with such high needs, but many are, God may just be asking this of your family, why don't you ask Him and find out? :)

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