Etsy update and shopping opportunity!

Some more stuff is in the Etsy shop, check it out here!

As many of you Fargo friends know, I sell some items in a local shop called Unglued. Well one day a month they have decided to partner with a non profit and donate their percentage of sales to that organization. This month features Unseen Ministries, a ministry dear to my heart and one many of my close friends are involved in. They work with other ministries world wide, helping provide media and marketing services to help them raise awareness, bring in revenue, and support their cause. They are filling a much needed gap in what many missionaries need to help make their work more effective. Stop by Unglued (on Broadway by Zandbroz and Juano's) on Oct 16 to support both Unglued and Unseen!

Find the coupon you need as well as other products you can find at the Unglued shop on Unseen's website HERE.

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