Around here lately.......

Reading, very slowly, through the Lord of the Rings series. 
Adoptions are finalized, I swell with thanks, and prayer.
Froyo is becoming a fast favorite.
Trees, are amazing.
Night time knitting with tea and chats in the park with friends returned from over seas.
Horses still hold a special place in my heart.
Brunch with friends on slow mornings, then,
a walk to our favorite willow tree.
Satchels and a date.
VIP opening event, and a complementary mug of pride.
The beginning of soup group (warm friendship and soup-Sundays).
Knitting, coffee, roof top pizza, tea.
A ring gift now gone, Nicole's yummy delights, instagramming friends.
Sister by the river on a blanket, cherished times.
Kisses and sillies with my heart in a human man.
One Thousand Gifts and cards, a family hike and sisters alike.
the best surprise birthday and sparklers. soy candle, Starbucks.
Husband teacher at work with a painting on the wall.
pumpkin muffins made, fresh basil to pesto.
bangs cut, posters of substance at the office.
Babel listens, God's creation glows his glory in red leaves.
New knits, autumn trees and leaves, a good breakfast, soup group 2.
the end of bike rides, the discovery of veggie barn, a motorcycle ridden, a transplant.
A few good shops, flowers from a good man, and a pizza date with a dragon drawn.
rainy morning, warm day starts.


  1. I really love your huge photo posts! The pics always take me to another world!

  2. these are beautiful, danae. :) i love seeing all of your happenings (and some familiar faces I miss lots and lots!) xoxo

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