Instagrams from this autumn. All edited with vsco cam app. 

 Chocolate tower from Nicole's and a love note // fall is my favorite season
 with my sister and friend on her big day // Michael enjoying a crisp fall morning
 with my sister and lover // for sale!
newly made // feet in the fall 
 the Missouri river // tired of staying in hotels for two weeks of work in one month

 celebrating birthdays // a gift box from Michael
 Michael and crocks // glass house in Iowa with friends
 plates and puddles outside // cup of lavender
 succulents // missionary friends in Iowa
 cinnamon sticks // new jeans and chex

 sunrise sky // book sale finds
 rural ND is beautiful // holiday cups and drinks are here!
 Michael made a way to enjoy his hammock indoors this winter  :) // items ready to ship!
 pie making man // instagrammin friends
 soup group // democracy
 reading the Word from the hammock // jenga tower
 place to rest // silk scarf
 chai tea with honey // friend from Unseen helping out with my work event, the Heart Gallery!
 sunflowers from Michael // girl date with a friend
 for two // my home town!
 getting excited for this season // our apartment 'complex' in the first snows
 favorite people // green in the white
 little brother // sword battle is on

 red circle scarf // Michael in our kitchen place


  1. I love love love all of these frames, danae. so beautiful and calm. :)

  2. so so prettyyy, you've got such a good photo eye!

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