tis' the season

Tis the Season ....

To get a kitty! We now have a little 5 month old female kitten - and named her Lucy Pevensie, one of the greatest characters from the Chronicles of Narnia (I call her Pevsie for short). She is a little joy and so fun to have around.

To rig up hooks to hang a hammock from in our living room (all Michael - can you tell? :) ).

To bake molasses cookies and drink extra amounts of coffee (favorite roast is House Blend from Starbucks).

To set up our tree for Christmas number two together in our little apartment-home.

To be challenged in new ways. To see God's grace pour out of our home to others in ways that surprise me and stretch me and hurt me and bless me. To want to know my Jesus more and more, to be swept away in His love, to know how to give that love to those hurting. To know, truly know, how wide and deep and long and high is his love for me.


  1. Love it, Danae! BEAUTIFUL post.

  2. lovely. I'm so glad you're writing on your blog again. I always love your words. :)

    and I just adore your kitty. so super sweet.

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