winter walk // newly waterproofed leathers
Unseen premiere party // some favorites
little brother featured in adoption video // walk on the frozen river

banana bread // lunch break with my sis (weekly ritual)
unwashed hair calls for a scarf day // adventures
bridal photo shoot for Dainty Obsessions magazine ad! // love Nichole's Pastry Shop and my current read, Kisses From Katie (highly recommended!)
chasing warmth // midwest sunrise

flowers from a good man // brother in law at a tobacco shop
christmas gift // tea with raw honey and journaling
road trip over the holidays // a favorite new journal -- unlined, cream pages
christmas gift from Michael to me (I love it!) // antique hunting in the cities
best snack: rye bread, apple slices, cheese and walnuts baked // new wooden knitting needles 
we like our winter walks // coffee shop hang outs
love my little kitty // thrift store finds
printed some instagrams // gingerbread party was a blast
favorite things: a good cup of coffee, journaling, and reading // mom and sister dates
our recycling box art // a friend's new art studio!
neat bathroom // favorite work days

I love being with this guy // morning fog
home // Saturday brunches are a weekly favorite


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