first home

Michael and I moved up the stairs to a bigger apartment unit in our same building (house made into units), and really wanted some special photos to remember our first home by. Our dear friend, Brooke Kupcho (check our her and her husband, Noah's, upcoming amazing local publication, Wolftree), came over one Friday evening and took some great snapshots of us in our home, doing some of the things we do frequently together (coffee, cuddles, art).

This was the place where we spent the first few days of marriage in, where we had our first Christmas, first big arguments, and first big joys. We shared so many kitchen dances, tears and sobs, and laughter. We learned that we are selfish beings in a covenant that requires selflessness, and we felt the tension between the two. We started to learn to love, and will continue to learn it for as long as we live, wherever we live.

We learned we enjoy living small, and things only weigh us down (I have a much harder time with this concept than Michael does). We learned that the summertime brings a wake up call at 2 am when the bars let out and the sidewalks fill, our building shakes when the train goes by, we love the church bell across the street that rings, our lack of security means the occasional homeless man will sleep in the stairwell (smelly but a great opportunity to love!), our laundry rarely dries completely because the dryer is so old, our radiators don't always turn off but our windows open which provides a great temperature adjustment tool, our hands make great dish washers, and I love natural light and wood floors like no ones business.

I'm so thankful for this tiny 450-square-foot place that has been called home for these past 3 years, and I'm thankful for a new place to move to that is beautiful.

We have so much more than we need, and Jesus has blessed us more than we could imagine. Let that drive towards a greater level of giving, as we realize just how much has been given to us! Nothing I have is mine, it has all been given to me, even my ability to work is a gift, and giving isn't a chore or a responsibility even, it is our joy! Well, it should be .... except for when the pesky selfishness creeps in and tries to convince me that I deserve what I have. Let's fix our eyes on Jesus and His grace, and let our lives be an outpouring of generosity as we focus on our Savior of goodness.


  1. SO ADORABLE. love that you have these wonderful photos :)

  2. Danae! This is gorgeous! You and Michael truly have a beautiful relationship. Your recolonization of the blessings Jesus gives is genuinely stunning. I look up to you two so much! Love you both dearly!

  3. Love your photos! Just found your cute blog through instagram!



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