So an update!

Life has been busy, and it seems like a season of infrequent blog posts, and that is okay. I imagine keeping this space for quite a while, or forever, but we'll see. For now I post when I can, but our free time is precious, and we soak it up with time together and just living life. I am learning to be present in the moment, and that is a thing worth doing, and one of the hardest of all.

Michael and I have decided to move the apartment unit on the next floor up of our building, giving us a little more space as the layout is larger, with the same (very) low rent, hardwood floors, windows, and character of our little home now. The next few weeks will be crazy busy with cleaning and packing (we painted the new place yesterday!).

Like I said in my last post, I have taken a job with Unseen Ministries! It has been an emotional journey of excitement, sadness, joy, and questioning. I wasn't thinking of looking for any other jobs, but it kept being mentioned to me that I should apply for this position (office manager of sorts), and so I decided to pursue it. Prayed and prayed and prayed some more and felt like God had put this opportunity for us here for a reason, and decided to walk through the open door. It isn't without sadness that I leave my current job as an adoption worker, as adoption is so incredibly close to my heart, but I have faith God is in this.

Michael's plans are a little up in the air for next year - but there are some open doors and we trust that God has good plans for the coming season! I have been excited at this 'done with college, now what is going to happen?' stage.

The choices we make of how we live our lives, what we spend our money on (or give to), who we see every week, what jobs we have, etc., can make an eternal and lasting impact on other people's lives, if we let them. What excitement! My life can make a difference in this world, it can bring joy, love, healing, provision, and shelter to others if I allow Jesus' love to flow through me and in me. I want to enter into the pain and sorrow of this world, of my family, or my friends, of the hurting unknown on the street, because Jesus did so first. That is where the life is, because it is where the gospel is. It is what the cross is for! What Jesus' death is for - the sin, the pasts, the hurts, pains, addictions. It has power over all these things, over the grave.

Let us make a lasting impact on those Jesus places in front of us, and be ever more filled with his joy.

(Oh, and you should read the book The Irresistible Revolution by Shane Claiborne if you have not).

Annnnnnd here are some more phone photos (because that is all I have).

 cupcakes and fresh bread // bowling for Michael's birthday!
 quiet time with coffee // my little brothers at their basketball game - love them.
a fun coffee date // a blustery walk 
 we love our walks // a husband and his books
 beautiful sunset // we took a trip to see one of our good friends, Glen, who currently lives on one of poorest reservations in the country, he is a teacher there and is loving on families and kids (check out his blog!)
 playing some jams // a GREAT book
 a beautiful church on the Rez // quiet time
 BFF's // a beautiful hike in the foot hills
 channeling Pocahontas // giving some piggy back rides
 Had a great weekend at the Unglued Craft Fest this year!
 Love this frost // A favorite hairstyle

 Flowers from a sweet Michael // We're in love
 Sneak peeks at our new apartment (right above ours now)!
 Supporting my sisters at their dance performance // with my little brother
 braids again // walk in the park after the Celtic Festival
 Painting day at our new place with my parents
 bedtime snack - always reminds me of my dad // a good hair day and new favorite earrings
kitty checking out our new home // Sunday morning breakfast (pancakes with flax seed, oats, pancake mix, cinnamon, and banana!)


  1. Your posts are always refreshingly honest and encouraging. Thank you for following Jesus and following his lead! Your last paragraph speaks such truth and I just keep reading it over and over and over again...it's worded flawlessly. Also, This post makes me excited to finish school so I can find out the 'post-college-now-what?' stage with my husband. ALSO, the first photo of you with braids - I am inspired and in awe. So pretty.

    Take care,

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