Newness. Change. There has been lots of it. I am now working part time as an adoption social worker and part time as the office manager for Unseen Ministries. Which equals craziness. Both jobs are busy and have a lot going on in them - and both are great places to be. I feel myself literally stretching and growing and I have many more pairs of big girl pants, although they look very different (and sometimes have flowers on them).

I drive different roads in the morning, leave at a different time, and park in a different spot. The people who walk by are different, the keyboards are different, the smells, the smiles, the coffee. I talk to different people, whom are new, have new routines, different lunch spots, different projects, different shoes. Different cords to shift, new meetings in the mornings, and different policies (or lack there of).

And our home is new. New floors, foods, furniture. Different address to write. New views from the windows and new light on the walls to marvel at.

I feel my heart growing ever closer to the Lord, especially as things change in my environments, and I am forced to grow with them.

I have been thinking on the story of Jesus feeding the five thousand and his actions in that situation. Jesus did not look around him at the disciples, and the crowd, but at his Father. He gave thanks for what was provided before there was a miracle, or an answer to his prayer. He gave thanks and trusted in God, not doubting that what was in his hands was enough when offered up as a sacrifice to the Lord. I have often felt like I don't have the resources, time, or talent to complete what God has set before me. And I don't. My five loaves and two fish are not enough to feed the multitudes or love my neighbor or finish this project or hold my tongue when I should, but God has what is needed. He just asks that I surrender it to Him, trusting as I step out in faith to place it in His hands. And He always provides, always. And not just barely enough, but abundantly. There were 12 baskets of leftovers after everyone ate their fill. He is an extravagant giver, and in the currency that is not of this world - joy in Him (One Thousand Gifts reference).

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