Last month my sister Britta and I traveled to Portland OR for 4 days of vacation. It was a blast to spend some quality time with her, take a break from the busyness of two jobs, and enjoy some incredible beauty and a great city. I am already hoping to be back there soon (to camp/hike would be fantastic)!
Washington Park - I noticed SO much green in Portland. This was before the new life hit Fargo, so it was pretty magical to fly to such a lush place!
Stumptown Coffee Roasters exceeded my expectations and we couldn't leave without going twice.
Powells Books - an entire block of a used bookstore, three stories up. We wandered and wandered, and found some treasures, including an 1872 edition of Michael's favorite book, David Copperfield.
We stayed at a hostel in NW Portland - if you have never stayed in a hostel, or only have overseas, I'd really recommend checking them out when you travel in the States. Significantly cheaper then a hotel, and a way to meet fellow travelers from around the world! Ours was very safe, clean, and it was an overall great experience.
Our cousin Nathan who is attending grad school in Seattle was able to get a last minute bus ticket and bed at a hostel to spend a day with us, driving along the Columbia River Gorge, and hiking along some waterfalls.
Multonomah Falls was absolutely beautiful, one of those things you can't really describe or explain. I found myself trying to appreciate it as deeply as my heart would allow me. How do you learn to appreciate something so beautiful? I'm not sure.
We ended our second full day with Thai food sitting outside at a small, delicious restaurant in Portland that Nathan found.
Our third day brought Britta and I to Cannon Beach, which was both of our favorite day of the whole trip.We debated keeping our rental car for another day or not, and are so glad we did. So much beauty was seen.
We met a local doctor who volunteers at Haystack Rock, he talks to visitors and explains all of the creatures and animals living on the rocks along the sea. He pointed out this beautiful guy above.

We hiked along the coast around Cannon Beach and picnicked there. Like I said - GREEN.
View of Astoria, OR. Where the Columbia River begins out of the Pacific.

More iPhone photos to come!


  1. I'm so glad you were able to experience all the greenness of the Pacific Northwest! There's nothing quite like it. I live in Seattle, so visits to Portland are just a short four hour drive away. My husband and I visited Powell's for the first time last weekend, and loved it! It looks like you guys had an amazing trip!

    I've never thought of staying in a hostel in the states, but what a great idea!

    Take care,

  2. Looks & sounds like you had a fantastic time! My husband and I are hoping to make our way out to the NW this summer and Powell's is definitely on our list - in between all the beautiful parks, of course!

    Now I just have to convince him to stay in a hostel... Did you/your sister take any convincing?


    1. No - I had stayed in a few before in CA, and my sister is always up for new adventures and has done some budget traveling before....it really is a fun time (and most have private rooms if you don't want to bunk up)

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