Adventure weekend in Duluth. No we don't spend all our time traveling, but every weekend has pretty much involved some sort of small adventure, this one no exception. We spent time with Michael's family and two of our friends - lots of exploring and time by the shore along Lake Superior. It's crazy that this place is a lake - if I didn't know it I'd think we were in the northwest. 

I'm really blessed this summer, to enjoy days, to live with those I love, to work somewhere making a difference for His kingdom, to admire His creations. It's easy to glorify travel and the beauty of nature (which are reflections of Him), but I'm remembering that our only purpose here is to share Him with those who haven't met Him yet, and to give Him praise. What a wonderful purpose, what a gift - to have purpose! Let's live that together, introducing others to Him with our lives (everything they are). 

Also learning :: all people reflect different parts of God's personality. I learn more about God and all the aspects of Him as I allow myself to learn and understand those different from me (beautiful, hard, messy, worthwhile). 


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