This blank page. So many months have gone by with no new words. There have been many new things. New countries traveled to, new jobs acquired, new dreams, new lessons learned. There is no way to go back and share all the feelings felt or things seen, but I feel the need, no the want, to write things here again.

I feel like a newbie, like there was never a time I was posting daily, having thoughts in terms of blog posts (now it's more like instagram posts....nothing to be proud of - at least for me, right now).

I was asked today if I would share some advice with a young lady preparing to get married. That was neat. I realized that someone views me as in a position to give advice...and felt scared, honored, and humbled by that.

I'm stepping into a new season, and I know it. I feel things shifting, doors opening, and nations of opportunity in the future. I don't know what is to come, I know it is good, hard, and won't be boring.

Thank you Jesus. Give me the vision to write again and the words to connect to meaning.


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