Hi, I'm Danae Moran.

I was married in June of 2010 and blessed to have Michael, the most selfless and loving man, as my husband.
I am the oldest of six children, I have three biological sisters and two adopted brothers.
I have a nose ring and I love it.
My family are my best friends (read special posts on my dad and sister).
I graduated with a degree in social work at Minnesota State University Moorhead.
I worked as an adoption social worker for children in foster care for about two years.

I love coffee.
I am creative, and I have own little business, This Earthly Tent.
I use this blog to share my dreams, thoughts, daily happenings, creations, inspirations, joys, hurts, and passions.
Go here to see photos of our first home (apartment), here to see some wedding photos, and here to read an interview with The Little Deer!

I want more than anything on this planet to love my Jesus with more earnestness of heart and passion of the soul than I did last year, or yesterday. I desire to be a beautiful wife who serves my husband and honors him above all others. I want to always be in love.

I want to create, write, capture, and serve in beauty that inspire others to appreciate their Maker and the depth in which they were made to live. I want to be a wonderful friend, and someday, a great mother. I pray that others would see how much loving Jesus is worth everything through the way I live my life, and author this blog.

Read what I believe here and one of the most heartfelt posts I've ever written here.

I want to have adventures and a spirit of joy that runs truly deep. I don't want to ever start taking myself too seriously or forget my dreams.

Welcome to my corner of the internet, thanks for stopping.